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The Only Sin Is Religion – Out Now

egomunk - The Only Sin Is Relegion
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12 thoughts on "Home"

  1. Pete says:

    Can’t download the album

    1. egomunk says:

      Hi Pete, the link above is to download the single, try this link for the Footsteps to Mars album free download

  2. JL says:

    Loving the new tune and video.
    Is there any way of downloading the track without using Facebook?

    1. egomunk says:

      Hi JL – Thanks, glad you like it! We’ve updated the link above and it shouldn’t ask you to log on to facebook now, let us know if there are any issues

  3. affair says:

    Hi egomunk, love your vibes please have a look at our music and let us know if we could collaborate in any way

  4. starstruck says:

    Great new work! Looking forward to the EPs

  5. benj says:

    This new track video is very deep….

  6. Bruceyb says:

    can’t seerm to download Drones! Can you help, please?!

    1. egomunk says:

      Sorry Bruceyb, the Drones download link was temporary down, it’s fixed now please click back to it and it should work

  7. dalaiduff says:

    Very cool.

  8. mrrosdal says:


  9. ssaudio says:

    Finally some new work! Loving the song and video